About Us


Oforisef Investments (OSI) is pan-African company which promotes and enables private investment in Africa. OSI help's facilitate private investment in Africa startup's scene which is starting to gather momentum. However, startup action is still not widely distributed across the continent, with only a handful of other countries attracting meaningful amounts of entrepreneurs or venture capital investments.

This is a key message to investors. Now is the time to get involved in this space OSI plays an important role as a proponent in effective change in various industries such as oil and gas exploration, pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Real estate and non profit foundations. OSI connects global clients and stakeholders with independent industry research, best practice training programmes and exceptional networking opportunities.

With a global and growing member base, OSI has partnered with companies in private equity and venture capital firms, institutional investors, and endowments, pension funds, international development finance institutions, professional service firms, academia, and other associations.

Core Values

Bridging the gap to unlock unique opportunities between the African continent and the rest of the world.

Fostering Intimate relationships with Governments, DFIs and leading corporations.

Adhering to International standard practices and regulations with local understanding.

Direct access into Africa's emerging markets with teams on the ground.

OforiSef investments is a boutique advisory and consulting firm that focuses on energy, infrastructure, telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, mining transactions in the fast growing African economies.

Oforisef Investments

OSI was incorporated on the 09 day of April 2013, under the Company Code of Ghana (Act 179, 1963). The company's objects allow it to provide consulting and corporate management services in energy sector, real estate development, pharmaceutical and agriculture industry.

Oforisef Investments

OSI provides mergers and acquisitions advisory to our clients, which include large multinational corporations, family owned mid-sized businesses, financial sponsors and government.

Oforisef Investments

The African Market

The steady evolution of Africa's political reform progress is among the primary reasons behind Africa's economic resilience. Over the past 20 years, the number of democracies in sub-Saharan Africa has increased almost eight-fold. Indeed, despite high food and fuel prices, consumers in Africa continue to spend; the growing middle class has boosted consumption, residential construction, and private investment.

In West Africa, good governance has helped secure much-needed infrastructure and telecommunications as well as diplomatic progress, brokering peace in many of the region's unstable economies which makes the safe for foreign entities and investors to conduct business on the ground. The question always ask "how we can help you do business and thrive successfully in Africa?"

As growth opportunities continue to move away from the traditional markets, most multinationals have Africa in the sights of their expanding global footprint. It is a continent ripe with potential, but the challenges for developing a viable market strategy are formidable. Understanding the dynamics and underlying demographics will be key to ensuring a sustainable business model for the future.

Historical evidence shows the African continent has attracted the attention of foreign investors, actively seeking a favorable and secure place for their capital investment. The fundamental reason was the legal and judicial insecurity that prevailed in Africa after the 1960's. But, the most recent demand for natural supplies have increased attention on Africa. The future for Africa has never looked brighter. Over the next several decades, sub-Saharan Africa will continue to attract the highest rates of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows per capita of any developing region.

OforiSef Investments studies on the continent suggest that risk-adjusted returns for new investors on the continent have never been higher. OSI provides foreign investor partnership with local businesses and government sustainable, scalable business venture that illustrate both financial and social impact.

As emerging market expert in African economy OforiSef Investments will:

  1. Facilitate investors successfully exploit new market opportunities in Ghana and African countries
  2. Mitigate the risks in Africa require a business model that marries local know-how with new global strategies
  3. Leverage stakeholder relationships both on the ground and around the world.
  4. OSI will help hire, monitor labor, teach consumer insight and project viability needed to complete projects.

OforiSef Investments proactively engage and build relationships with local people in countries in which we operate.


African markets are no different from any other developing markets and carry with them huge opportunities for investment. Companies must be prepared to invest immense time, adequate resources, and vast talent in a rigorous, consistent approach in order to succeed.